"Peace" sticker


This sticker was designed with our enneagram 9 friends in mind, but since it is based off of scripture- it is applicable for each of us! 


The enneagram 9 is the peacemaker. They avoid conflict and go with the flow- they feel most comfortable when everyone around them is at peace. They are people pleasers that desire harmony with others. They’re super welcoming and hate chaos. .


I love seeing how the characteristics of God meet the needs of every type. Nines desire peace, and our God freely gives his peace. And HIS peace trumps all- His peace is greater than we could ever imagine. There are countless times where His peace is mentioned in the bible, I encourage you (especially those of you who are 9s) to dig deep into scripture and learn more about his overwhelming peace! .


The "Peace" sticker is 2” x 3” and is waterproof- perfect for sticking onto water bottles, cars, computers, phones, and more!