"God is in Control" sticker

"God is in Control" sticker


This sticker was designed with our enneagram 8 friends in mind, but since it is based off of scripture- it is applicable for each of us! 


Eights, “the challenger”, are assertive, protective, and LOVE to be in control. They love being challenged and hate being vulnerable. They mostly are confident and likeable. .


God is in control, and that’s a good thing- pretty sure that this should be every 8s mantra as they face their days. Hold that thought- that should be ALL of our mantras as we face our days. God has a ridiculously amazing plan for our lives and too often we get caught up wishing for things to change and be *exactly* how we want them instead of how He wants them! We are not in control, but we can trust our God who is! .


The "God is in Control" sticker is die cut and is waterproof- perfect for sticking onto water bottles, cars, computers, phones, and more!