"Covered By His Love" Sticker


His love is unconditional. We cannot outrun it.
His love is immense and great. We cannot comprehend it.
His love is unique. It cannot be replicated.
His love is reckless. He will not let us go.
His love is loyal. He will always love us. .

Today, I’m thankful for his love. I’m thankful that Jesus LOVED us enough to come to this earth and save us from ourselves. I’m thankful that Jesus LOVES me enough that he continues to provide for me and protect me. I’m thankful for His reckless love that chased me down and brought me back. His love is great. .

His love is more valuable than the love I seek from others. His love brought me salvation. His love has brought me joy. His love is better than life. .




The "Covered By His Love" sticker is 3x2.75" and is waterproof.  This sticker is perfect to put on laptops, phones, water bottles, cars, etc.