meet the maker

welcome to letters 4 luv. i am allie, the founder and creator of letters 4 luv.  this all started a couple years ago when i read the book kisses from katie. that book opened my eyes to a what people around the world have to deal with on a daily basis, poverty and disease. that led me to go to uganda in 2016, where God continued to open my eyes to the hurt of the world.  while i was there i met a young girl in poverty who was unable to go to school.  we helped to get her back in school and our family started to sponsor her.  

letters4luv is a small business dedicated to life change, encouragement, and lettering.  with 50% of each collection, we have the ability to sponsor three kids in the village i visited in uganda. their names are niko, gertrude, and beth.  i hope that through the meaningful collections launched on this site that you are encouraged in your relationship with christ!