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what is letters 4 luv?

Letters 4 Luv is a small business started by Allie Blain.  Allie has a heart for others and in 2016 went on a mission trip trip to Uganda that changed her life.  When she came home, she knew that she needed to do more for the people that she met there.  50% of every purchase made on Letters4Luv.com is put directly towards sponsoring three kids in the villages that she visited during her time in Uganda.

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Letters4Luv exists with three main purposes in mind, they are life change, encouragement, and lettering. 

Life change: with 50% of every purchase, life change occurs; three kids in Uganda are sponsored because of the purchases made on this shop. 

Encouragement: Letters4Luv is more than a shop.  Every post and product is put together to encourage young women in their walk with Christ. 

Lettering: Each product is hand-lettered by founder and artist, Allie Blain.  Each product is unique and made special with her letters.